7 Blocks That Say A Lot

Edited: more words formed since original post!

I love phrases, and I love even more items that get multiple uses.  For months I was searching for a set of blocks that I could arrange based on the time of year, or the mood of my decor:)  Searching Pinterest one day I found my inspiration from Lil’ Luna and her detailed instructions on how to custom make your own “Blocks That Say A Lot”

So during my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, when my crafting bug was at an all time high, I created my own version!

7 blocks, 16 phrases... Easy to make and WAY less than anything in the store!

7 blocks, 16 phrases. Makes a great gift too!

I was so thrilled with the results that I just had to display on my mantle and admire. Over the next few months several friends commented on the blocks, and all thought I had bought them at a store.  So when a close friend of mine bought a house, I knew the exact thing to get her, or rather, make her! And since I created my blocks months before I started my blog, this time I tried to document the steps for you all!

You can make 15+ words from just 7 blocks  with 4 letters on each one. totally versatile blocks {that say a lot}, seasonal words too!


  • 4×4 post (Home Depot or Lowes) cut into 7 square blocks (my post made 8 blocks, i like having extra in case i make a mistake
  • Craft paint & paint foam brushes
  • Sand paper or sanding blocks
  • Vinyl lettering*

*For my vinyl lettering I used a few of my favorite fonts from my Cricut cutter.  Lil’ Luna lists her fonts she used on her Silhouette Cameo if you have one of those.  I used a different font per block.  You can use the same font for every block and it will still look fabulous!

For my blocks I used different paint colors as well as different card stock/vinyl colors. I wanted my blocks to be mismatched & kind of fun. :)  For my friend I kept all the blocks the same paint color, but varied the vinyl colors and fonts to make it spunky!

First a Home Depot run was in order. I purchased a 4×4 post of wood and had the guy at the cutting station cut the post into 8  blocks. If your extra nice to the person cutting your post they may not charge you a cut fee, or maybe they didn’t charge me a cut fee because my toddler was being a charmer that day, hmmmm…

Blocks pre-sanding

7 bare blocks cut from a post

Anyway, next up was paint.  Since I wanted my friends blocks to be the same color I picked up Americana Craft Paint  in Bisque. I got 3 bottled because wood can soak up craft paint easily and knew i needed several to go the distance. While at the craft store I also picked up a few single sheets of vinyl paper in Copper, Gold and Brown.

The total cost of the supplies was under $10, and since I already had foam paint brushes and sand paper at home, I was ready to go.

After sanding down the blocks I then painted them all in Bisque.

Blocks painted and ready for letters

Blocks painted; Americana Craft Paint – Bisque

As I let the blocks dry I got out my trusty Cricut Cutter and away I went cutting out all the letters for the blocks:

BLOCK 1- H, Y, E, D
BLOCK 2- A, C, R, S
BLOCK 3- R, P, E, T
BLOCK 4- V, N, L, O
BLOCK 5- E, O, M, D
BLOCK 6- S, M, K, I
BLOCK 7- T, F, B, W

*I varied on upper and lower case between each block for versatility.

Once everything was cut and the blocks were dry all that was left to do was to apply and admire!


Blocks HOME_EME mark

And of course my favorite word of the collection:

Blocks BAR_EME Mark*BAR can be spelled with the left over blocks from spelling HOME :)

Here are all the words you can spell using these blocks:

  • Family
  • Blessed
  • Snow
  • Home
  • Harvest
  • Spooky
  • Winter
  • Mother
  • Dream
  • Easter
  • Bar
  • Freedom
  • Welcome
  • Friends
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Monster
  • Heart
  • Pinch (cute take on St. Patty’s)

I just love all the words you can come up with. Be sure to go on over to Lil’ Luna to see all the lovely projects on her site . 



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    I love these so much!!

  2. Tracy Kipper says:

    I LOVE these! So great…I might have to buy one from you!! ;-)

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