Color Wheel: Matching Activity for Toddlers

In continuing with my quest to create inexpensive and easy to make items for my toddler to play and learn from, I discovered the brilliance of a “Color Wheel”.  This took me one nap-time to complete the wheel, so fast and so easy.. and did I mention SUPER affordable: $2!

Color Wheel Matching for Toddlers

$2 simple to make color matching wheel for toddlers!

I found the idea and template for the wheel at Planet of the Apels where  she talks about many different busy bag ideas for kids.  I fell in love with the Color & Counting Wheel.  It seemed super easy, no mess, no fuss and i knew my daughter would love it since she is obsessed with all things color lately. I wish I had more pictures to share, however I made this item months before I started this blog, but the detailed images and instructions are laid out for you at Plant of the Apels.

When I was out running errands one day I stopped at the Dollar Tree and picked up clothes pins for $1, what is even better is I bought a package of 12, so I have extras in case we lose or break any, or I can make another one for a friend at no cost! :)  Since I didn’t have all the colors and didn’t want to buy several craft paint tubes, I also picked up a primary color paint kit for $1… can’t beat that!!

Once my daughter was down for a nap, I printed out the template that Planet of the Apels provided on white card stock. I then cut out the template, glued the color side to the back of the numbers side, got out my handy laminator and laminated the wheel. *note: if I didn’t have a laminator at home then Kinkos or Office Depot could have laminated it for $2-$3.

Next up was to paint the clothes pins. I already had a paint brush so I got straight to work with my paints from the Dollar Tree. I painted one side white and once dry I used a sharpie to write the numbers on one side of the clothes pin, and the other side i painted in a color to match the wheel.  Once the color side was dry I wrote with a sharpie the name of the color.  And Voila – done!!

Color Wheel and 123 Board: Less than $5 to make yourself!

Color Wheel and 123 Board: Less than $5 to make yourself!

*Check out my post on the magnetic numbers board  for only $2 here.

All together, I made 3 separate activities for my 2 year old for under $5. I call that a win in my thrifty budget book!


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