Treasures To Be Found at Your Grocery Store Clearance Section

Did you know that most every grocery store in the nation has a clearance section. And the items in that clearance section are not always ‘close to expiration’. In fact many items are non-perishable or simply just merchandise the store needs to clear off the shelves for new inventory.

I always try to pass by the clearance section with each shopping trip because you never know what you are going to find. Yesterday I was at my local Safeway and found a true treasure: wine on clearance. Money savings on vino… that put a huge smile only face!

Wine on Clearance

While Riesling is not my favorite wine – it is great to have on hand for a summer party or BBQ for guests who like something light and sweet!

The regular price was $10.99 and the clearance sticker was labeled for 50% off.  Thus I thought they were going to be about $5.50 a bottle (still a good price), so I grabbed 2 bottles and put them far away from the reach of my grab-everything toddler :)

I was super happy to discover at checkout that the price was EVEN lower:

Safeway Clearance Wine Receipt

2 bottles of Riesling wine for $2.21 each. A total Clearance score!!


What I hadn’t realized was the wine was on sale using the store club card, and the 50% would be taken off after the sale discount.  I was giddy with glee when I discovered at checkout that the total for my two wine bottle was $4.42; only $2.21 a bottle for an $11 bottle. This seriously made my week! My only regret: that I didn’t go back to Safeway and get more :)

You never know what amazing finds you will discover in your local stores clearance section.  You could stumble upon some great finds, and hopefully be able to stack the clearance price with a coupon for more savings too!  Keep your eye out for that clearance section on your next grocery run!



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