Hand & Foot Love-Prints

Hand & Foot Print gifts
Scouring Pinterest I saw many hand and footprint gift ideas. I was looking for a perfect gift to send to family across the miles. I didn’t want it messy, or too big and bulky to ship. I finally found inspiration from a ‘LOVE’ print using a hand for the “O” and the feet for the “V”… Love it :)

I already had everything i needed:

  • 8×10 canvas*
  • Red craft paint
  • Red Vinyl from cricut.com (or local craft store)
  • little hands and feet courtesy of some super cute kids (not that I am biased…)

*I bought a package of flat 8×10 canvas as from the craft store on clearance one day… they are just like a 3-D canvas but the flatness allows you to ship for less!

Hand & Foot Print LOVE gift

My girlfriend came over for a playdate and we got to work on the handprints with the toddlers, and footprints with the babies. Because paint can be messy, this project is best with two adults: one holds kid (and later washes off) while the other paints and stamps the hand/foot. Trying to do this alone with two kids may result in a craft-astrophy!

Hand & Foot Prints

Once the “O” hand the and “V” feet were done I whipped out my Cricut Explorer and Cut out the “L” and “E” using the Monotype Corsiva font on Cricut Design Space.

A few moments to apply the vinyl in the right spot and voila – a beautiful keepsake gift! Theis is not just for Valentine’s Day… think of all the times you can gift this to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, nieces, brothers, etc. Any occasion like a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or even Christmas.

Hand & Foot Print Keepsakes


Happy Crafting!


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