How To Save At Target Using Target coupons & Cartwheel

Target is my happy place. I just love me some Target shopping, especially alone without the kids… simply heaven. I know many mamas who also find a solo Target shopping trip to be their bliss-of-the-week. Oh Target, how we love thee…

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A friend of mine yesterday told me about her fabulous shopping trip to Target yesterday, she got super cute clothes for her, her adorable toddler as well as home decor items.  Over $100 later I asked if she used any Target coupons or Cartwheel savings since there are Apparel and Home Decor coupons available.  She had no idea what I was talking about, hence the inspiration for this post :)

On top of Target being all things amazing, did you know you can save some serious cash at Target in addition to their everyday low prices/sales?  While there are coupons you get from the Sunday paper, I am talking about saving you can get without newspaper inserts… coupons you can get from Targets website, mobile coupons from Target, and additional saving using Targets Cartwheel.

Ways to Save at Target

Ways to Save at Target

Here is a brief rundown:

Target Coupons: Every week or so Target updates their coupons that are available online on the Target website.  Simply go to the Target coupon page, browse through the available coupons and print what you would like to get. You can sort by category, expiration date, whats new, and more. Just select what you want, print and your done.  You can print 2 of each coupon per computer.

Target Coupons Page

Target Coupons Page


Cartwheel: Target’s Cartwheel is a great way to save at Target, and you do not need a smartphone to participate! It is a savings program Target created that allows you to save a percentage (5 -50% off) on certain products during a given time period… and you don’t have to clip any coupons!

The coolest part is that you can use (1) manufacturer coupon + (1) target coupon as well as a Cartwheel offer per product… TRIPLE the savings!

Target Cartwheel

How it works: To join you need to create an account at Target Cartwheel website or download the app to your smartphone or tablet.  Or you can use an already created account if you have one.

Once logged in, you can browse and search for offers that interest you and your family.

Browse to find what you need on Target Cartwheel

Browse to find what you need on Target Cartwheel

Next simply click the offer you want and click ‘add’.  *When you first join you will only have 10 spots on your Cartwheel to add offers, as you continue to use Cartwheel, you will unlock badges which will give you more Cartwheel spots. 

To redeem your Cartwheel find the find the barcode icon at the top of the Cartwheel page and click on it. Then, you simply present the barcode at check out.  *Note:  If you are using any mobile or paper coupons, be sure to hand those to cashier first –  Cartwheel savings comes off after ALL your coupons because the cashier can’t scan any coupons afterward. If you don’t have a smartphone then simply add your Cartwheel offers at home as your plan your shopping trip, click on the barcode, then click on print to take it to the store *remember to give it to the cashier after all your other coupons.

Mobile Coupons: To use Targets Mobile Coupons is very simple.  Once you sign up, coupons will be delivered via text messaging (you will need a smartphone or web-based phone).  Make a note of what the coupons are or your list and simply pull them up at the register to redeem them at the  right from your screen. No scissors required.  These coupons are specifically Target store coupons allowing you to use a manufacturer’s coupon along with them for a ‘double stack’.

Sign up for Targets Mobile Coupons

Sign up for Targets Mobile Coupons


There you go: a simple rundown on how to get additional savings at Target without ‘clipping’ coupons.  The trick is to remember at checkout to present your mobile coupons to the cashier, any printed coupons you may have found at as well as present the cashier your Cartwheel barcode.  The savings can be quite awesome!

Let me know what savings you find!




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