Magnetic Number Board for Toddlers

I am a HUGE fan of anything that occupies my toddler, and an added bonus if it teachers her something as well.  Lately I have been on the hunt for inexpensive and easy things to make for her in order to keep her busy when her new sister arrives soon.  Otherwise known as “Toddler Busy Bags”.

While at a playdate one day I noticed all the kids playing with magnetic numbers and letters on a chalkboard at our friends house.  I thought “ah ha I need to get some magnets for her to play with”. Then I remembered, our fridge is stainless steel and not magnetic, so what was she going to stick them to? I didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on a big board from the office store, and she isn’t quiet tall enough for an art easel yet…

But you know what is magnetic… metal baking tins!  So I headed off to the Dollar Tree and picked up a baking sheet and a package of magnetic numbers for $1 each. During nap time I traced the numbers 1-10 onto a piece of paper, glued that paper onto my baking sheet and voila: a magnetic numbers busy bag for only $2.

Number Magnetic Learning Board: make it for $2

Letter Magnetic Learning Board: make it for $2

I may fill in the numbers on the paper with colored marker to match the magnets, but for now I like the challenge it gives her to match the shapes and not the colors!  I have a stash of magnetic letters as well, maybe I’ll make another magnetic sheet spelling both girls names!

  • Super easy
  • Provides great learning
  • Takes no time to make
  • Costs $2 or less!!

That’s my kind of toy :)

Magnetic Number Busy Bag - $2 to make at home

Hard at work number sorting!



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