Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

For years we have been using a sponge-soap-dispenser-wand in our kitchen.  At first we loved it because it kept the soap off the counter, in the sink and contained in the wand.  However our love of it quickly turned to distress… not only do the sponge tops need to be replaced often, but the sponge  soaks up so much soap, we were going through dish soap way faster than necessary. This did not make a penny-pinching mama happy at all.

Dish Soap Wand in Sink - no bueno!

Dish Soap Wand: wasted so much soap everyday


My OCD simply wouldn’t allow a soap bottle on the counter: it didn’t go with the decor, stuck out like a sore thumb and made me cringe. I searched for a long time for a soap dispenser that I liked, which resulted in nothing because I was just so picky about what I wanted: I wanted something clear, to track the soap usage. I wanted something functional that didn’t leak.  And I wanted something cute that I didn’t mind displaying on my counter top which is the center of the kitchen and our home.

Then one day I was at a friend and fellow bloggers house (Dolen Diaries) and had an ah-ha moment!  She had a mason jar turned soap dispenser other counter… and it was perfect!  She told me that she got the soap dispenser lid kit at Ben Franklin crafts.

The closest one was about 35 minutes away and I had no idea when the next time I would be in that area was.  So I scoured the internet looking for one and to my horror everything I found was over $10, just for the lid, not to mention the shipping prices… I was looking at $15-$20 just for the lid kit! No thank you!  I knew Ben Franklin crafts would be less pricey so I waited for a day when I was near the area.  And boy am I glad I did!

Not only did Ben Franklin Crafts have the soap dispenser lid for $7.99 but they also had some SUPER cute vinyl cutouts that could be placed on the jars! *I could have done vinyl lettering at home using my Cricut Cutter, however being 8.5 months pregnant at the time, I decided it was worth the $1.99 for convenience.

I added the “Soap” and  ”Coffee” vinyl stickers to my purchase and  headed home super excited for my finds!

Empty Mason Jar
Once home I pulled out a mason jar from our cupboard


Coffee Jar with vinyl sticker
I placed the ‘Coffee’ vinyl sticker on our coffee storage jar.

Then I filled the mason jar with dish soap, screwed the soap dispenser lid on and Voila!  I was done in less than 5 minutes and it was perfect! Now I smile every time I see my dish-soap-mason-jar because it looks so cute on the counter, unction and doesn’t waste soap… what a win!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser – love!





  1. So I love that…such a cute idea to have soap always available yet looks cute. I keep my soap under the sink and have to grab it every time I need it. Next craft for me!!

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