Sparkle Glitter DIY Advent Calendar

December is tomorrow – eeeeek!  I for one cannot believe the year is almost over, where did the time go??

Advent Calendar

This year I really wanted to make an Advent Calendar.  I loved mine as a kid however we wanted the days to be exciting with an activity and not always a candy or treat.  I delayed on making my advent calendar this year, two small kids may have been the reason for this delay ;)  

My requirements for the calendar were:

  • Something that I could re-use each year but not spend a lot of money (or time on).  
  • Something that could include combo of treats and activities: some days include a fun holiday activity, and some days a treat
  • Sparkly 

Michael’s is currently having a great sale on their Christmas and holiday stock, so I headed over for some inspiration!

Advent Calendar basics

I found a cork board for 50% off – Whooo!  Inspiration found: I’ll pin 24 push pins and have some tags hanging for each day…. perfect!  I then discovered some glitter tulle for 40% off that i just had to have and cover the cork board to make it sparkle.  Two little girls in the house = everything is sparkly and shiny : )  Now to find the gift tags…

Tags and Bags to complete Advent Calendar

I found the cutest little gift tags in the  section of Michael’s – and 50% off too!  I grabbed enough for all the days when I saw some tiny green and red treat bags – eeeeek how perfect for the treat days!!  I grabbed some packages of tags and bags to make up 24 days total.  Because everything was on sale my total was $13 for everything… and I get to re-use my board next year (will just need tags and bags which were only $6).  Love a craft you can re-use and make new each year!!

*Search the Michael’s app or for the latest coupons and get your items on sale too!

Advent Calendar - building it up

Once the kids were down for nap I wrapped the tulle around the board and stapled it to the back – easy peasy.  

Now the hard part… lining up the days for activity vs. treat!  Thankfully my husband had a say in what days he wanted to visit Santa, etc. so those weekend days were easy.  Once I matched our calendar to the tags then I hung the tags and bags, filled the bags with a special chocolate treat, and numbered off the days.  Poof  - done!

Advent Calendar

Some activities can include:

  • Visit Santa
  • Local community Christmas Tree lighting
  • Dinner picnic by our tree
  • Make cookies for Santa
  • Hanukah Playdate Party at our friends house
  • Hot cocoa to-go & go see neighborhood light
  • Build a snowman craft
  • Deliver toys to the local Giving Tree/Toys-for-Tots

Activities don’t have to cost anything or be extravagant, something as easy as a picnic next to the family tree is so fun for the kids and makes for some wonderful quality time.  Incorporate your kids holiday playdates into the advent calendar, or even your holiday baking – my girl loves to bake all the time!  If your family is participating in a local Giving Tree or Food Bank incorporate that into your calendar too.  I think it adds a little something special when charity and giving back in included to their Christmas countdown.

Advent Calendar

I have a few tags and bags left over so if plans change, I can easily swap out something.  Next year I plan to pull this board back out and just hang new tags for a frugal yet homemade advent calendar of fun!  

*Upon a second glance I decided to add a little Santa ornament at the end of the calendar to signify Christmas day – too cute <3

Advent Calendar


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