Star-Burst Valentines

This is the first year my daughter has a Valentines Party at her pre-school (well, it’s her first year of school all together) and we were so excited to make her Valentines for all her friends.  After much searching on Pinterest I fell in love with the Star-Burst idea from it’s always autumn which I printed on simple white card stock.

 photo IMG_1376_zps16d51fa9.jpg

A few supplies later:

  • Potato
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Starburst candies
  • Red paint

And we were ready!

To make the stamp: cut the potato in half and cut a shape you want, then dip your stamp into the paint.  This is a great sensory activity for the young kids, my toddler loved doing the stamps ‘all by myself’.

 photo IMG_1367_zps4b525108.jpg

 photo IMG_1380_zps19e5e0a0.jpg

 Full disclosure: my daughter didn’t get the star in the right section 100% of the time, so we did print up about two dozen of these cards. But as the craft went on she really got the hang of it!

 photo IMG_1379_zps400ab568.jpg

After a few hours all the paint was dry and ready for a treat.

 photo IMG_1410_zpsdebe83aa.jpg

We just love Valentines Day, and teaching the kids all the little ways they can show someone they care has been a great treat! We have 15 more of these to make and counting out all the treats and the different colors of the Starburst candy is an added lesson perk :)


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