Thanksgiving Gratitude Conversation Starters


I just love Thanksgiving!  Family, friends, the wonderful smells, delicious food, and oh the wonderful crafts you can do with your kids!  We are big believers in this house of being thankful. The hubby and I try to teach our little ones this every day.  I really wanted to find something to teach my toddler about what it means to be ‘thankful’ this Thanksgiving.

A few weeks ago I came across this free printable form Modern Parents Messy Kids for a Thanksgiving countdown, but instead of a numbers countdown like an advent calendar, it is a list of 27 conversation starters. A new ‘thankful’ conversation that each family member can contribute to each day until Turkey Day – fun!

Thankful Conversation Strips

I quickly found some fall colored card stock in my craft stash and printed them out.  A few snips with the scissors and they were all ready!  I love how this printable has one for each day in November until Thanksgiving.

However, I discovered this little gem a little late in the game as the month was half over already. Yikes!!   So… I decided to take a slightly different approach.  We try to eat dinner together as a family most nights, even if it’s a quick short meal.  I decided to use a few of the conversation starters as a way to get our toddler engaged during dinner. A time when she is mostly hyper and cranky a.k.a. the witching hour.

We had her pick a few out during dinner this last week. Each person said what they were thankful for about the given subject (music, books, technology, family, etc).  After we all had our turn, we then created a cute paper chain out of the strips.  I think it will be a great addition to our Thanksgiving/Friends-Giving table on Thursday :)

Thankful Chain

I decided to save some for Thanksgiving day though – one for each of our guests.  Each guest will have a ‘strip of thankful’ to choose from and everyone can participate in answering.  Our daughter is looking forward to all our friends adding to her special paper chain <3

Thankful Chain Heldup

These have been great for our whole family, especially the kids, and I plan to print these out again for next November!



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