Toddler Elevator Buttons


 DIY Toddler Elevator Buttons

The rainy season is here in the Pacific Northwest and that means a lot of indoor activities.  If your kiddo is anything like mine, then you know staying indoors is sometimes maddening with a active and bouncy toddler! Toddler Approved posted this homemade elevator for tots and I thought it would be the perfect morning craft to do with my two year old.  Not to mention keep her occupied in the future!

Toddler Elevator Buttons - Supplies

The supplies are really simple: cardboard from any box (think of all those Amazon deliveries ladies), goggly eyes, number stickers, round stickers, and glue.  The box and glue we had on hand so I ran to the craft store for some inexpensive goggly eyes and stickers.  Total spent was $3 plus I have lots of stickers leftover for other crafts. 

One rainy morning my toddler and I sat down to craft this.  She was so excited because she was really looking forward to “pushing buttons and not mommy” haha.  Oh my cheeky monkey…

Anyway, we sat down at the table and counted out 12 goggly eyes together.  You can use as few or as many goggly eyes as your cardboard allows.  My little one can currently count to 12 unassisted so I thought that was a good number. Once she counted out 12 goggly eyes i then distracted her by going her the letter stickers and some paper while i glued the eyes in place.  

Elevator Bottons - goggly eyes

After a quick snack she then proceeded to help me with the round sticker placement (to cover the goggly eyes).  She was a super good helper getting each round sticker over each eye.  Then it was moms turn to ‘help’ and I put a number over each round sticker in the formation of an elevator board, smallest to largest.  You can play around with the layout and put other levels such as PH (Penthouse), P (Parking), G (Garage), etc.


Once all stickers were secure she couldn’t wait to play with it.  With a princess dress on, of course, my daughter proceeded to push each and every button over and over and over…. and over!  

Elevator Buttons success

Her little sister, 6 months old, couldn’t stop laughing with her either.  It’s been over a week since we made this and she still pulls it out of her Busy Bag box every day!

Elevator Buttons playtime


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