Waffle Iron Hacks for Easy Meals and Snacks

My daughter loves waffles, she would eat them every day if I let her.  But did you know the waffle iron can make SO MUCH MORE than just waffles!!  We have had our waffle maker for 5 years now, and have only used it a handful of times to make homemade waffles, until today…

I came across this video floating around the internet and was amazed.  First I thought “NO WAY!” Then I thought “ohhhhhh gotta try!”  So a plan to try out some quick and easy hacks was born!

Since I spent much of Christmas in the kitchen cooking up an Italian feast for family and friends, the last thing I wanted to do the next day is cook.  What a perfect day to try the waffle iron hacks and make us breakfast-for-dinner, a weekend family favorite.  No no no, I wasn’t making waffles…  I decided to hack the following: omelet, hash browns, and cinnamon roles (with a side of bacon per my husbands request)

Waffle Iron Omelet and HashBrowns

*This is not the best picture I know, but it did taste deeeeeeelicious :)

I dusted out the old waffle iron and got to work.  Dinner was ready in a total of 15 min, and cleanup was so easy… just the waffle iron!  The omelet was so light and fluffy, my toddler ate the whole thing without an argument – WIN!  We are all so surprised how easy the hacks were, we are already looking forward to more omelets made this way!

Waffle Iron Omelet

Waffle Omelet:  scramble 4 eggs in a bowl , add some chopped spinach and a sprinkle of cheese. Pour into the waffle iron and cook for 3 minutes.

Waffle Hash Browns: place frozen tater tots around the waffle iron, close and cook for 10 minutes

Waffle Cinnamon Rolls: place a cinnamon roll in the waffle iron (ours fit 4). Close and cook for 2 minutes.

Thats it – so easy huh!

Waffle Iron Eggs and HashBrowns


The video has more great tips – including a quesadilla.  I’m definitely making my tot a waffle quesadilla for a snack this weekend, and maybe trying an egg white spinach waffle omelet too!  Ohhhh the possibilities…


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